A New Journey

In a cabinet expansion initiated by Chandrababu Naidu, Raghava Rao was made the Minister for Environment, Forests, Science & Technology. He is delivering a measurable impact on the portfolio after he declared that his department would take strong action against anti-social elements who indulge in poaching, felling of precious trees and smuggling. He has even warned government officials that they will not be spared if they are found to be collaborating or acting in a lax manner.

Life of Service

Raghava Rao is a well-respected figure in the granite industry who also served in key roles in the Granite Owners’ Association. Possessing vast business experience, he is well-versed with day to day operations of mines and has contributed immensely to the welfare of workers involved in mining activities. A staunch believer in giving back to the society, Raghava Rao served in various capacities in reputed organisations such as Lions Club International & Sri Vasavi Seva Club and carried out tremendous social service benefiting thousands of families.

Starting as Chartered Vice President of the Lions Club of Chimakurthy in 1990, he quickly rose through the ranks to be elevated to executive positions at the zonal, regional and district levels, becoming a District Governor eventually – all because of the magnitude of service undertaken and his proactive approach to getting things done. He is known to have donated lakhs of rupees to fund the various philanthropic schemes organized by the Lions Club of Ongole & Chimakurthy. Meeting hundreds of people, getting to know them and making a difference in their lives gave immense satisfaction to Raghava Rao who began to nurture aspirations to serve through politics because it gave him a larger platform and wider reach.

Raghava Rao’s family-managed “Sidda Venkateswarlu & Venkata Subbamma Charitable Trust” has sponsored education for hundreds of students who come from underprivileged backgrounds. Feeding the poor and the destitute has been a constant activity that the trust regularly undertakes. More than 600 people are fed as part of ‘Annadana Seva’ carried out between November and January every year. The trust is also credited to building ‘Sri Hari Hara Kshethram’ – one of the largest temple complexes in Prakasam district.